October 14, 2012

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October 14, 2012

August 8, 2012
The Numbers

69     420     666

I knew these numbers well.  They had followed me throughout most of my life.  Something about them just made sense.  They retained a certain order about them.  An order that made sense to me.  Some shared my fascination.  Others found it odd, off-putting.  It didn’t make sense to them.  It didn’t matter.  They didn’t deserve to see the numbers.  But anyone can see the numbers.

69     420     666

I’m not sure when I started to see the numbers.  But I knew they weren’t for everyone.  Not everything is.  But this was special.  This was ours.  It’s one of those things, that once you start to look for something you see it everywhere, and oh the abundance!  These small symbols of juvenile hilarity began to manifest themselves all around me.

69     420     666

Nines inverted themselves right before my eyes.  Four Twenty Eight would carefully morph into Four Twenty.  The twist of the 8 slipping away as if by the flick of an unseen wrist.  Those were the days.  This was the life.  Others too could know my pleasure.  It was available to all,  but there was a dark side.

69     420     666

There were stories.  But they weren’t only stories.  Stories of textbooks, math textbooks, and the companies that make them.  Employees being explicitly forbidden from crafting equations which would work out to one of the HilariThree.

The Humorous Triumvirate

the treachery, the gall of these people, these companies

69     420     666

How dare they keep such an important  element of joy from us, all of us.  The grapevine also burst with talk of store owners, some Never marking an item anywhere near the three.  and I even recall whisper of one case of a combination satanic head-shop/sex-shop which implemented The Numbers in pricing their items, to a very impressive degree.

69     420     666

But those stood out as false, although humorous anecdotes. Scraps.  Thrown to the masses as a casual aside.  But we would nurture The Numbers, coddle their desires.  Learn their Subtleties & Nuances.  Study their inner meaning.

We Are the Pioneers

69     666     420

But enough about us, this is my story.  I’m doing the penning.  I need to tell it.  This is about Me and The Numbers.  The images display themselves, we can choose whether  or not to see them.  On the surface they appear initially benign, just silly digits.  I always felt there was more too it, there had to be.

69     420     666

I began an exhaustive research regime.  Pouring myself over mathematical texts.  Countless and countless calculations, six days a week, ten hours a day. Connections seemed, shaky at first. Weak correlations, small corners of both pi and the Fibonacci sequences seemed to reach out, dendritically, pulling themselves towards The Numbers and The Numbers towards them.  These things initially confused me because I am no person of math, but I also have eyes to see, and I knew what I Saw. I may have said too much, for now.

69     420     666

Tha’t’s enough about Numbers, for now. But keep a watchful eye.  Point them out to people.  Keep the hope alive.  Don’t squander your chance for a laugh a smile, or even a slow playful head shake  accompanied by a smirk and the usual

“oh You”

420     69     666

June 18, 2012

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June 18, 2012

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June 18, 2012

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June 18, 2012

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June 11, 2012

gotta write some stuff down

free some brain space up

or maybe just push some clutter aside

trust me, there’s room

there’s always room

writing feels good

that’s what i’m going for

feels good man

i wonder if thinking about calm is making me less calm.

probably not

i wish i could lift heavier things

not necessarily be in shape

i like my shapes

i like her shapes


what the fuck is poetry

this is it

this right here

nah jk, but really

believe whatever you want

but be open to discussion

the notion of having your worldview rocked should excite

imagine never being wrong

i don’t even understand that

i love being wrong

i am always wrong

except when i’m defensive


this is like a poetry journal

a diary of poems

thatt  almost seems redundant

everything is redundant all over again

déjà you, déjà me

i wonder what i’ll do with all these words

i should put them somewhere

it’s not even that many words

but they are mine, i like them

honestly this is better than Twitter

way better

at least right now

write now

i could have uninstalled Twitter

but i didn’t

it wasn’t a problem

it wasn’t an issue

i’m most free on a bike

i hope you have a bike you like

everyone should bike


with a pen & a pad

i write this verse

done it before

so it sounds rehearsed

spare the meter, spoil the rhyme

it doesn’t have to make sense

just go with it

let the flow through you

go with it

it doesn’t matter

but it should

it doesn’t

it should

haters everywhere


words are cool

i like them

i like your words too

because they are your words

your words are different than mine

we can try to understand

understanding is cool

try to understand me

try to understand you

i’m not very well read

i say that a lot

but it’s true

but i love books

i really do



back at it again

the grind

grinding away

ground up

grounding me

okay enough of that

gotta find my flow

took a break

back at it again

i enjoy this

do you

you don’t have to

so much uncertainty

need confidence

exude boost

extrude boost 

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June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

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